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    America Alliance is the #1 Clan in the popular mobile game MiragineWar

America Alliance Miragine War Clan Guide


Thank you for reading our MiragineWar game guide. The author of this site is giving you their insight into the basic strategy of the game.

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Getting started with MiragineWar

Most people want to play games as a free player. If you choose to be a pay-to-play member, I reccomend the monthly subscription because it is just $3.99 and you get 40 Crystal / day!

Once you have downloaded the game and created/verified your account, you will want to set up your troops.

Many people say "Never use mages"

I have heard it in game over and over again... NO MAGES. They mean, no wizards, no mages, and no vampires! I say do what you want! You will discover free "glyphs" and those are used to upgrade your troops. Until you have more glyphs than you can use, why not just suit your armies to your most buffed up troops?

Choose your Hero

I chose Shione because she is Supreme in 1v1 combat. Her skill does a small amount of damage (even at Tier 1, 5 stars). BUT, it does a skill-block on the enemy and damages all enemy troops in a straight line.

This is useful for overwhelming the enemy!

How to choose your hero?

In the beginning you will just have a crystal. Find a good guild and donate crystals to other players and collect the ones for hero you are looking for. It takes time but can be done for free!

Take a look at your hero/crystal stats. See on the Shione screenshot where it says "Light 2"... That means this hero's armor is "Light" level 2. Using Anti-Light troops Level 2 are her weakness and other Anti-light troops hurt her much more than anti-armored!

Pay attention to your own strength and weakness and know that of your enemy!

To upgrade your Hero, simply click the big here picture and then choose your upgrades.

Choose your Troops

Click the troop you want to have available for combat and then click the "use" button. The other troops that are loaded will 'shake' until you click the one you want to replace with the new troop.

Make sure you always have a good mix of troops. If you have mostly Anti-armor troops, you will never defeat someone like a strong Shione!

Choose your Glyphs

Every day you may discover some Glyphs for free! Equip them to boost your troop strength.

If you click on "Glyphs Bag" you can decompose glyphs. Decomposed shards are used to "Compose" glyphs of your choosing!

If you look at my card, I focused on having 5 buffed up strong troops.

What do Glyphs do?

If you have +5% glyphs on a troop, that troop will have +5% HP, Speed, Attack damage, Armor, etc!!!

With that said, a Glyph on the Dark Lord (1500 HP) adds more heath to your army than if added to a basic newbie soldier.

You have better chances at better glyphs if you do explores with Crystals.

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Know what army is best against other armies.

In the Troops page, if you click the ? HELP button, you get a screen that shows what troops damage others. I call this the "Tree".

Go to WAR

You might want to click the SETTINGS icon when on the battlefield and disable the auto-camera. It is useful to see what the enemy is sending so you can adjust what you are sending!

You can zoom out!

Advanced Strategies

You will notice some players seem to have an unfair advantage. They play smart. You can do what they do, just learn! For example, on of the tips below "Take one for the team" can be used in Solo combat as in the photo below, but can also be used to help your teammates in 2v2.

Start Easy...

War image from Miragine war game
Click to view larger.

Weaker troops have a better rate of growth for your army each turn than expensive ones. You can gain great advantage by being weak in the beginnging. I mean really, how much damage are 4 surviving Samuri going to do?

Remember, your hero attacks too! Save your troops, kill with your Hero!


War image from Miragine war game
Click to view larger.

By selecting a troop you do not have enough gold for (in the screenshot above, I selected the DreadLord troop when I had less than 900 gold), you can reserve your army. When time timer gets to 2-3, release the remaining troops from that round and get ready to hold again!

1 For the team

War image from Miragine war game
Click to view larger.

In this image, (same match) I chose to accept the hit from their "Veterans". Vets are Light-Anti-Armor and Shione is Light Class (not Armored) so these troops cannot damage her much.

If I sent my armies now, they would have to fight! By holding until Shione kills them all, we will be much stronger in the next wave.

Mix your troops

War image from Miragine war game
Click to view larger.

Mixing your troops is a great strategy. This guy sent Veterans the whole time. This round I overwhelmed him and held again. The next round was Swordsman+Ninja for a quick WIN.

A Stunning Victory indeed... so FAST!

Victory is mine!

Be a good sport!

Be sure to "like" the other players afterwards. It is common courtesy. I ONLY skip this if someone was being a real jerk in the chat box.

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